About Alpha-Semi

ALPHA Semiconductor is the fastest growing company that designs, manufacturers and sells quality integrated circuit power management products including voltage regulator, LDO, power MOSFET drivers, adjustable shunt regulators, wideband video buffers, wideband video amplifiers, precision voltage references, analog switches, analog multiplexers, programmable PWM controllers, real time clocks, SCSI active terminators, precision temperature sensor, vertical DMOS switches, DMOS FET switches, single and dual operational amplifiers, charge pumps, low leakage diodes, dual N-channel J-FETs, EL drivers, LDO regulator controllers and voltage detectors. These components are used throuhout the world by major OEM manufacturers of PC motherboards, power supplies, monitors, work stations, VCR, DVD, cellular phones, pagers, notebook computers, instrumentation, PCMCIA, VGA, LCD panels, scanners, DBS satellite boxes, USB bus products, audio cards, CD-ROMs, etc.

Fishing for beginners

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