About Us

ALPHA Semiconductor is the fastest growing company that designs, manufacturers and sells quality integrated circuit power management products including voltage regulator, LDO, power MOSFET drivers, adjustable shunt regulators, wideband video buffers, wideband video amplifiers, precision voltage references, analog switches, analog multiplexers, programmable PWM controllers, real time clocks, SCSI active terminators, precision temperature sensor, vertical DMOS switches, DMOS FET switches, single and dual operational amplifiers, charge pumps, low leakage diodes, dual N-channel J-FETs, EL drivers, LDO regulator controllers and voltage detectors. These components are used throuhout the world by major OEM manufacturers of PC motherboards, power supplies, monitors, work stations, VCR, DVD, cellular phones, pagers, notebook computers, instrumentation, PCMCIA, VGA, LCD panels, scanners, DBS satellite boxes, USB bus products, audio cards, CD-ROMs, etc.


  • ALPHA’S Fab Equipment MFG. Established in 1983
  • ALPHA’S Foundry Established in 1983
  • ALPHA Has Designed Custom OEM Products Since 1988
  • ALPHA’S Standard Products Were Started in 1994


To be a leader and full supplier in analog power management products.


  • PRIVATELY Held Company, NO Outside Venture Capital
  • PROFITABLE From Year One
  • ALPHA’S Leading Manufacture of High Performance Standard & Semi-Standard Analog & Mixed-Signal ICs
  • LOCATED in Silicon Valley (Pleasanton/Fremont), USA


ALPHA Semiconductor is highly committed to insure the quality and reliability of all devices. We are committed in all levels of our operation, such as initial product definition, design, fabrication, assembly, testing, qualification and servicing our customers.

Product Definition

Quality and reliability are a part of ALPHA’s design goals, along with electrical performance and cost.


ALPHA semiconductor is committed through design to offer quality and reliable devices through their performance. ALPHA’s cutting edge analog design is far superior to traditional analog IC’s and hybrid products. Products monolithic designs provides stable performance over time and temperature. ALPHA devices designers offer the best performance through best quality and low cost.

Fabrication and Assembly

ALPHA Semiconductor, due to its nature of market ensures reliable delivery of parts to continued assessment of foundries established both by ALPHA’s owned and outside foundries. The fabrication facility are monitored continuously by ALPHA’s process engineering group. ALPHA’s FAB has capacity to serve over five times of existing sells and still currently, FAB expansion is going on for additional wafer capacity in 6″ wafer at current time. Additional capacity being sold to outside customers.

Assembly is performed offshore in Malaysia, Phillipines, and Indonesia under carefully documented and well controlled conditions. The wafer fabrication and assembly process undergo in-line quality inspections. Wafer are inspected optically to guidelines based on MIL STD 883C, method 2010.

Each die is electrically tested using proprietary test circuits that verify key parameters. Assembly packages are subjected to a variety of mechanical inspections to verify integrity and insure high quality.


All ALPHA’s analog product during design include basic test capabilities designed into each chip. The devices parameters are guaranteed through design and 100% tested to those specified in data sheets through automated testing. The finished packaged devices are tested 100% before to guarantee quality and reliability level.

Before going to production and shipments of devices, the components will go through qualification process. The fabrication and assembly facilities are audited occasionally to re-qualify. These procedures insures the ALPHA Semiconductor products high standards of reliability and quality through process.

To insure the measure of accuracy in equipment used for qualification and production process ALPHA Semiconductor maintains a calibration system to insure the promised performance through our design.

Quality and reliability of electronic components are critical issues at ALPHA Semiconductor, realizing the relationship between its customers success and its own.

ALPHA’s company policy is to maintain quality throughout each process, from design level up to finished product. This policy was set in place to insure the quality and reliability of ALPHA Semiconductor products.


ALPHA Semiconductor is a privately held company. Alpha’s own foundry was established in 1983. ALPHA Semiconductor’s design center and test capability was in place to support the OEM market in 1988. In 1994 ALPHA established itself in standard products by making Power Management Products to sell to the world wide market.

ALPHA Semiconductor’s headquarters, foundry, extensive design center, automated testing capabilities and manufacturing facilities are located in the Silicon Valley, California, in the United States. The entire marketing and sales organization is committed to provide outstanding quality products and reliable, rapid service at competitive prices.

Today, ALPHA Semiconductor’s products consist of a variety of different product families and a big expansion of new products (e.g., Switching Voltage Regulators) to fit within battery operated equipment such as cellular phones & PC markets.