Online fax services How to compare the different fax plans correctly

Online fax services   How to compare the different fax plans correctly

Everyone has heard the popular saying Comparing apples with oranges which usually refers to the comparison of two different things that can not really be compared. Many people make the same mistake when comparing online fax providers they sometimes confuse fax plans with fax providers. But to get a true understanding of the service you sign up for You must compare fax plans to fax plans and do not mix it with comparing plans to suppliers.

Now that youre probably completely confused, you need further explanation to help everyone understand the difference and what to think about when buying a fax plan.

What most likely confuses most is that each Internet fax service provider can have 3 or 4 different fax plans. For example, most fax providers have a cheap plan for entry plans for individuals or companies that only make a minimum amount of fax each month. After that, most providers have a medium fax plan that fits those who want to do more faxing during the month. Finally, most vendors have a robust or unlimited fax plan aimed at companies or companies that send and receive a high volume of fax within a month. These fax plans are of course the most expensive and can be customized to suit each companys unique fax needs.

Another problem that confuses some buyers, many fax providers has a way for their customers to save money by purchasing the annual subscription to their fax plans. This is a common business practice, and it can save you money if you pay for the full year instead of paying each month. However, it may be confusing if you see two prices or prices indicated for the same fax plan, remember the lower price will refer to the annual rate.

Perhaps, even more confusing, the whole question of how many free faxes you are assigned with any plan is the whole question. You will often see 300 faxes per month with a fax plan, and it is usually a combined number that refers to both incoming and outgoing faxes. However, with some fax plans, this monthly number of faxes can be divided, for example, you receive 200 incoming faxes and 100 outgoing faxes. In other words, you must check any plan to see not only how many faxes are included in the monthly fee, but whether your plan contains a certain number of incoming or outgoing faxes. You must make sure you compare apples with apples here.

One of the most important things to check when buying a fax plan is the overload charge that you have to pay when you exceed your monthly fax limit. This fee may vary from 3 cents to 10 cents ... may not seem too much but these amounts, like your phone bill, can add up quickly. And to confuse you even more, some of these fax providers take different transfer speeds depending on whether you receive or send a fax. For example, if you exceed your fax limit, it may cost 5 cents to receive a fax but 10 cents to send one. And if it was not enough for the head to spin ... some fax service providers will take out one minute rather than by fax. It is usually assumed that it will take a minute to send a fax but larger faxes may take longer and you will be charged by the time rather than the fax.

Another feature you must check with each plan is the number of users it may have. Most fax plans let you have 1 5 users, sometimes referring to the number of email accounts associated with the plan. Keep in mind that online faxes use your email system and your web connection to send and receive your faxes as attached attachments.

Fortunately, its a little easier to check or compare any other features, such as support hours, setup fees, business plans and free 30 day trial. They are all straight forward, but you should compare all these before signing up for any fax plan or supplier.

Hopefully, this short discussion of all the different things you need to check has given you a better picture of the various fax plans on the market and how to compare them. While it is always wise to check the reputation of the various fax suppliers, you will carefully examine the various plans to determine which online fax service plan is right for you or your business.

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